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What $1,000 rents you right now around King County

It can be hard to find good places for $1,000/month in Seattle, so we expanded the search

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. Today we decided to take a look at $1,000/month but expanded the search into all of King County to find out what's available outside city limits. This time, not everything's a studio. You tell us which lease you'd sign.

We begin in Wallingford where a 650 square-foot basement studio is available for $995/month. Good news is that it's sizable, great location within walking distance of restaurants and parks. Bad news is that it's a short-term lease (seven months), utilities not included and it looks like it may have seen some better days.

Next up let's head down to Federal Way where The Union has a 698 square-foot 1-BR for $990/month. It's a full-on apartment community with a pool and a fitness center. Prime spot for commuters looking for something on the cheap that's still well put together. Also pet friendly (with some restrictions) if you need that.

Want a house for $1,000/month? Consider the 800 square-foot 2-BR home on 162nd Place SE. Not only is the place fully stocked with all the appliances and essentials but it includes most utilities. It even comes with a fenced backyard, hot tub and mini-basketball court. According to the listing, it's a very Boeing-friendly neighborhood.

Now let's head to Kent where Sun Vista Apartments offers a 974 square-foot, two-bedroom apartment for $1,000/month. Fingers crossed that it's one of the units that just got an upgraded kitchen and carpet. There's an organic community garden on the premises and you can even lease your own garden space if you want. The unit itself looks pretty standard.

Finally we return to Seattle and check out a 190 square-foot microapartment at Vistana, asking $1,015/month. If you're not too concerned about personal space, this place drops you in the heart of Lower Queen Anne and even offers a Space Needle view. It's got a modern aesthetic and offers just enough room to fit all your belongings.

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