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$315K South Seattle tiny house offers Duwamish River view

Look in the front, see out the back. Yes, waterfront with a dock in Seattle for only $315K if the house is tiny enough

A few years ago this tiny house may have been overlooked. Now, at $315,000 it might be worth a look simply because of the rest of Seattle's market. How else can you afford 108 feet of waterfront access in the city?

Step one, visit the shores of the Duwamish. The waterway is much improved from years ago, and hasn't been gentrified like Seattle's lakefronts and sea shores. Check, but it is probably part of the tidal estuary, not quite salt water, not quite fresh water. It's an environment that's a lot less likely to have to deal with storm waves. It's low bank, and even has a dock. There aren't any specs, but it looks like the owners at least launch inflatable dinghies from the property.

This house has seen a lot of the waterway's history. It was built in 1932 on the 2,613 square foot lot, before World War II, and before Boeing's massive and rapid expansion along the waterfront. Instead of looking across as million dollar homes you get to look across at parks, parking lots, and faceless industrial complexes. Who knows what will come next?

Inside, the 650 square foot house holds 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a bonus in a house so tiny. Even houses this size manage to make room for at least one stainless steel appliance. The house may be due for some more significant upgrades, but that's up to the buyer. One possible bonus worth exploring is the possible wheel-less tiny house on wheels. Is that part of the package?

It will be interesting to see how well that price does in today's market. Earlier in August it was listed at $385,000, which means it has already dropped $70,000. At $315,000 and 650 square feet, that's a price/sq ft of $485. That may sound above market, but then this is waterfront. Why else would they have a life preserver hanging in the yard?

· 850 S Kenyon St [Zillow]