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Victorian antiquity in Everett lists for $265K

This Victorian is more than just a facade

Why stop with the facade? This Victorian in Everett is period throughout, or at least someone had a good time with wallpaper and curtains.

This 1905 two story has the ornate gingerbread woodwork outside, the white railed porch, a variety of wood textures in the siding, and fences and gates that complete the image. But, this $264,500 house has details that most houses lose through renovations. The curtains fit the house so well, that they stay. Wallpaper embellishes rooms with far more detail than modern houses. Windows are adorned with stained glass, and stained glass even acts as a woodstove screen adding more color to the dining room. Walk up the stairs and don't worry as much about the corners because they're equipped with carved wooden bumpers, a feature far more appealing that the plastic strips some houses use.

Style aside, one thing that makes the period apparent is one 1 bathroom for 4 bedrooms. That was an era when people waited in line to use the bath. They rarely build houses like that any more. All of those rooms fit into 1,461 square feet; which also means all of that ornamentation is always close, probably within arms reach. Maybe a buyer will decide to declutter, open the space, or use paint instead of paper; but that would be like dismantling a museum artifact. As is, it looks like an homage to an era, or at least a memorial to someone's grandparents.

The flamingoes, however, probable weren't original. Using them is, though.

· 3609 26th St, Everett [Windermere]