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Fountains & ponds can't water down this $635K Bainbridge 2-BR

A sunken living room with a fire pit is a conversation piece and place.

A fountain outside and a fire pit inside are a pair of uncommon features in this Northwest Contemporary home.

In the broker babble they call it a cottage, and at 2,386 square feet it may seem small to some. To others, that many square feet plus a few sets of stairs and ladders may make it seem a rather large cottage. The label isn't as important as the layout - and the price, always the price, which in this case is $635,000.

A fireplace sits in a sunken living room that has atrium ceilings. Railings and balconies are above it providing space, volume, and a connection between the floors. There might even be an efficiency in having the stove pipe run so high inside so it can radiate more heat. The hardwood that surrounds the sunken section becomes part of a broad platform that connects to the kitchen and its view of the outside. One convenient feature is the space left between the counter and the windows, so the traffic flow isn't blocked. One cottage-sized feature is the room count, 2 bedrooms and 1.75 bathrooms, which for that square footage suggests large rooms.

Outside, the land looks like Pacific Northwest Original, 2.48 acres of tall trees. Some of the land has been turned into lawn for playing and a sense of space. They added a water feature besides the fountain, a small pond that acts as a focus for a picnic area and a comfy place to sit, maybe sip, and watch the inevitable wildlife.

· 7699 Fletcher Bay Rd NE, Bainbridge Island [Estately]