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Six bedrooms and baths in brand-new $3.5M Bellevue home

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Tell your friends the house is easy to find, just look for the tower

Be glad the price doesn't start with a 6, but enough of the other stats do. A new house has hit the Bellevue market with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 6,100 square feet. The price starts with a 3, $3,488,800.

Applaud the staging. With many houses, there's some doubt about what's staged and what belongs to the sellers. This house is new, built in 2016, and beautifully furnished and decorated. Maybe you can make a deal and buy it furnished. That'll save everyone some hassles with boxes and movers.

Convenient furnishings aside, it is a great house, as in large and as in great room concept. Parties can flow for a long time in that much square footage. The decor is just slightly on the casual side of formal, so guests could be comfortable in jeans or dress attire. Much of the dining space is open to the other rooms, but it looks like the dining room can be closed off for quiet conversations, and meals uninterrupted by lots of kids running around. Those six bedrooms are going to be filled with either family or guests.

Houses this large define themselves with their extra rooms. Here, there are several rooms that could be made into game or media rooms, particularly the windowless ones that may be below grade. Block out those pesky natural photons so nothing interrupts the ones generated by the electronics. Where there's a basement and space there's room for a wine cellar; which pairs nicely with the formal spaces upstairs.

If folks do want a bit of the outdoors, there's an outdoor living room and BBQ that leads to the rest of the 10,410 square foot property. That raises the question. If there's a couch beside a grill, is it a living room where you can cook food, or a kitchen where you can be really relaxed? Buy it and find out for yourself.

· 1509 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue [Zillow]