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Turn this free historic dining railcar into the coolest tiny house on wheels

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Free. Yep, free

Square feet = 500. That's tiny; but the price is even tinier, zero, zip, nil. A historic Burlington Northern railcar started life on the tracks, was turned into an office, and now is hunting for a new home. Evidently, moving it is more important than making money from it. That's amazing considering the excellent work they did at preserving the style, the original light fixtures, and the basic structure.

It may need a few things like rooms, but it's wired for electricity and equipped with heating and air conditioning - and style, lots of style. Railcars are also on springs, so you get to bounce your way through the next earthquake. Plunk it down on an active spur and find out what it takes to leave on epic journeys.

Their dimensions don't quite match: 500 square feet, but 80 feet long and 10 feet wide. Who cares? Free housing anywhere is marvelous. Okay, so most folks don't have a set of rails on their property, or the equipment or skill to move a railroad car, and many won't want to live in a long, skinny, antique tube; but for someone, and probably for a lot of people, the package will be hard to resist.

They only claim two conditions: 1) that it goes to a good home, and 2) that it is gone by September 30th.

To top if off, the move will be an awesome opportunity for a video.

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