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$2.25M Snohomish ranch brings Western style to Pacific Northwest

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Get comfy on a ranch where you can bring your cowboy boots, tennis shoes, and bunny slippers

Rustic and rural can still be luxurious; especially, on properties priced in the neighborhood of $2,250,000 and above. This 5 bedroom, 5 bath ranch has enough niceties for your horses and a lot to offer to humans.

Take 10 acres, set aside enough for 4,135 square feet of living space, and have plenty left over for arenas, paddocks, pastures, barns, and stables. You'll have room to roam, and so will your herd.

Humans get to stay in the collection of rather large cabins. It looks like they started with a lodge style log cabin, added a timber frame house beside it, and maintained the classic Pacific Northwest combination of lots of wood topped with a metal roof. Big windows and skylights break it up in a way homesteaders never could attempt. Inside and out are logs and timbers without any plaster or sheet rock interfering with the rural character. At the same time, the kitchen and baths are all upscale. They may be decorated with river rock, but the appliances and fixtures are definitely modern. The various antlers on the walls and as part of the chandeliers aren't exactly urban.

Horses probably win the square footage comparison because they get to play with acreage. The arena and paddock are probably larger than all of the human abodes, though people could take credit for the tennis courts and extensive decks. There are some lawns, too; which the horses may prefer if the grass is greener over there.

The property is fenced and sits amidst similar neighbors, some with more pasture, most with lots of trees. This is one case where the gate may have more to do with keeping the residents in. Horses do like to roam, you know.

· 17317 Ok Mill Rd, Snohomish [Zillow]