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$789K tiny house sits on the edge of Magnolia

A tiny house in tony Magnolia? Throw in the view and be amazed it isn't priced at over a million.

Imagine the luxury that must come with a house in Magnolia that has a price per square foot of over $1,500. That's rich; and yet, it is one of the most (relatively) affordable houses in Magnolia because it is only 525 square feet. A house that size brings the price down to $788,860. Don't go looking for marble, but definitely take a look.

Who would ever only build a 525 square foot house in Magnolia? Someone in 1930, that's who. The house is a one bedroom, 3/4 bath cottage. It is sweet and tiny, and right in line with today's trend for small houses; and built before that was a thing. The regular circular ribbing in the walls suggest it may be a vertical log cabin construction. Inside, there's a nice, conventional kitchen; no stainless steel or fancy back splashes. But, the main feature is the windows, lots of windows.

The tiny house is placed on a piece of property that could account for almost all of the price. It is a 10,219 square foot lot perched 200 feet above the Sound. The only things that are going to block the views are the vegetation, which you'll probably want to keep if they are holding the hill in place. Sit outside on the patio or deck and own a view that others pay millions for.

Do something startling. Buy the house, and keep it. Many may be tempted to buy the lot and replace the house. Here's an opportunity to do minimalism in style. Send us the Before and After photos if you decide to renovate.

· 3253 Perkins Ln W [Windermere]