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1923 Capitol Hill home holds on to original charm

A 1923 Colonial is so well preserved that it looks like it is from colonial times, including the bar in the basement

A 1923 Colonial is so well preserved that it looks like it is from colonial times.

The entry looks like something from Philadelphia or Boston. Partly, that's from the proper choice of wallpaper, but the feeling is also from the bannistered staircase, period fixtures, and stained glass windows. The right choice in furniture helps. The asking price for the 3,730 square foot house on Capitol Hill is $1,995,000, a price that reflects the consistent attention to the era. Arches and fireplaces are more signs of those times.

The house is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, some of which are massive rooms (or really wide angle photos). The kitchen appliances are probably the furthest departures from century-old aesthetics; but even there they are framed in cabinetry that fits the style while being modern. Step into the dining room and appreciate their use of wallpaper, molding, and furniture for a setting that waits for a classic Thanksgiving dinner.

As for the bar, it looks to be a simple setup, and probably on the lower floor considering the concrete wall. It's rustic enough to look old, but modern enough to include a pair of three-spout beer taps. An opportunity to do your own beer tastings; and maybe bring in a dart board.

One pervasive period feature is the radiant heat. In many modern houses that is from the floor or the ceiling. These are classic radiators, the cast iron fixtures that evidently function well-enough to survive for decades. Just to throw a modern twist at old energy, the house is also a "candidate for a community solar program". Good luck installing them in a Colonial style. Maybe they can be sited somewhere else, and the power sent home. Come to think of it, that would be very colonial.

· 1226 Federal Ave E [Zillow]