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$3.2M Ravensdale estate has room for all 30 of your cars

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Showcase parking for 30 cars, yeah, start with that - then take a tour

There are plenty of big numbers to throw around with this $3,200,000 estate in Ravensdale; but start with the warehouse of a garage. The After picture of the garage suggests they cleared out the collection; but the Before picture shows it wasn't just parking. Beautiful and precious vintage cars were treated to a showroom. A bicycle collection lived in the loft above them. Someone built and filled a personal transportation museum - and now the property is up for sale.

Numbers don't tell the tale. It is a 4 bedroom, 6.75 bathroom house; but they built a log lodge that should be noted for its style and not just its 9,447 square footage. It was built in 2001 from locally sourced materials on a 7.04 acre property. The logs, river rocks, and antlers, yes antlers, complement the classic cars as if they were all from another era; but the combination is current. Maybe this is just what happens in Ravensdale.

From the entry that showcases guests' cars as they arrive to the pad that acts as a point of pride position for part of the collection, the property is oriented to vehicles. Tour the photos and notice the airplanes, sleds, and more bicycles used as decor. Somewhere in there is a shop lift that looks more like an altar to automobiles.

As a balance to vehicles and the country, there's a circular library and study that centers on a globe set on an inlaid wooden floor. Maybe it is a collection of travelogues and guides for inspirational road trips.

The sellers created something magnificent for their life interests. The question is, can they find a buyer who can redefine such a unique space?

· 27227 SE 268th St, Ravensdale [Windermere]