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Volunteer Park Conservatory's corpse flower is blooming today

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This really stinks. In a good way

In the mood to smell something terrible? Head over to the Volunteer Park Conservatory ASAP because Dougsley the Corpse Plant is opening up right now!

The plant has been growing steadily since it arrived on loan from the University of Washington Biology Department. They've been keeping track of the plant's growth over the last two weeks and the bloom appears to be right on time. It's named Dougsley in honor of former greenhouse manager Doug Ewing, who planted it 12 years ago.

The corpse plan or corpse flower (actual name amorphophallus titanum) gets it's name from it's odor, which is said to be like that a rotting animal.

Dougsley will be on display until its bloom fades in the Volunteer Park Conservatory Seasonal House and will be available for viewing daily between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Conservatory will be open late for observation tonight as they expect the largest crowds to see it, and smell it.

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