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$3M Bellevue smart home runs on Amazon and Samsung technology

All you need to live here in a smartphone and $3 million

Alta Vista translates into "a view from above" and if that's all the four-story, 6,600-square-foot house at 5121 145th Place SE in Bellevue was offering, it'd still be a million-dollar residence. But couple that view with what's going on inside this place and you'll understand quickly why they're asking $2,998,000.

So imagine for a second that you already live here. You unlock the front door with your smartphone. You open the door and a personal playlist of music starts playing from speakers in the ceiling. It's dark so you say "Alexa, turn on the lights," and then the house is illuminated. You go inside but you hear the doorbell ring, so you look at the video image in your smartphone to see who's there. You realize it's your friend and you're supposed to head out so you go to the garage, unplug your electric car from the Tesla charging port, open the garage door with your smartphone and get on your way.

You can do all of this because the place is hooked up with Samsung SmartThings as well as Amazon Echo Dot. Between the two, you're able to connect many of your daily living experiences right to your phone or Echo technology.

There's plenty other tech upgrades throughout, including pprogrammable motion sensors, hydronic heated floors, and state-of-the-art appliances in the kitchen. It's also prewired for an elevator if you decide you want to install one. There's also plenty of non-technological comforts, most notably 30 feet of foldable glass doors that connect the downstairs living areas to the back patio and that view we alluded to up top.

Watch the house come together from the ground up in this time-lapse video and then start saving up.

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