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The five most affordable homes in Madison Park right now

Affordable might not be the most correct term...

We searched the listings and found five of the most affordable homes in Madison Park, keeping in mind that affordable is a relative term. Very relative.

Here's nice and auspicious beginning, a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 800 square foot condo that is listed at $399,999. That's only six digits. Imagine that. The unit comes with two floors and a skylight. Considering that it was built in 1975, the interior looks well maintained, or at least pleasantly decorated. Only being two blocks from the shore is a bonus. Let's see if it sets the trend for the other four.

So much for the easy transition to more expensive housing. This next home is also a condo, a little older one from 1967. The price, however, is more than double, $1,050,000. At least you get a lot more for the seven figure listing price. Start with the view and work backwards. Sunsets, the lake, and Husky Stadium are part of the backdrop. Inside, there are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1,618 square feet. There's also a level of design and decor that is more than white walls. One uncommon feature is a reflective ceiling in the dining room, yet another way to take photos of your food. The unit also gets the advantage of being by the water with the availability of moorage. That's convenient.

For about 20% more, $1,250,000, you get a house; a 1958 Mid-Century showpiece. It's back from the water, so the views are a bit more remote, but they're still there. They haven't hidden the style of open beams, brick fireplaces, and enough skylights along the kitchen to qualify as a solarium. Within the 3,070 square foot house are 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, basically enough to turn at least one room into a rental. Outside, the 5,400 square foot lot is an impressive display of landscaping and brickwork.

For only a little bit more, $1,295,000, you can get a house that comes with a name and a heritage. It is the 1984 Zig-Zag house by Warren Pollock. It lives up to its name by stair-stepping the rooms into a stack of blocks. They executed the design well because it continues to look modern after thirty years. The bold lines, red accents, and open volume make it so easy to appreciate the place that it will be difficult to lack for conversation starters at parties. You might even forget to notice that is also serves a function as a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,632 square foot house on a 6,015 square foot lot. An added surprise, the price was knocked down $100,000.

The style may be Craftsman, but this 2014 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3,304 square foot house is the most modern in at least one way, you can control it via iPad. Yes, a $1,788,000 asset that comes with electronic controls but doesn't go anywhere. It is a mix of classic style wrapped around a modern connected life. Sounds like Seattle, doesn't it? It might be worth finding out of it can also work for someone who works with Surface Pros or Chromebooks. Checking for housing compatibility has a new meaning.
· 2013 43rd Ave E APT B [Zillow]
· 2502 Canterbury Ln E APT 310 [Zillow]
· 1919 39th Ave E [Zillow]
· 640 32nd Ave E [Zillow]
· 4101 E Mcgilvra St [Zillow]