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Bright blue box tucked away in Maple Leaf asking $399K

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It's more than just a bright blue box of a house. It may be a simple and private alternative to a condo

A bright blue box of a house is a nice package for 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It's only 680 square feet, which is tiny to most, but palatial to the tiny house on wheels community. At $399,000 it can be considered an alternative to a condo.

Just think, buy a tiny house and you get a ground floor unit, a top floor unit, and you don't have to share walls with anyone. This house was built in 1947, just after the war as the new kind of boom was beginning. Far from being basic and simply pragmatic, they're done a lot with what they got. It's nicely furnished and updated inside. Take a look at the kitchen with the stainless steel appliances and the tile back splash. Definitely more modern.

Outside is a fenced yard on the 5,159 square foot lot, that includes a deck, a patch of lawn, and a gravel drive. Leave it as is for simple and low maintenance landscaping. Use it as a blank canvas to embark upon gardens or play sets.

Whether from a flip or a fast market, the price is a significant jump from January this year when it sold for $235,000, a 69% jump in less than nine months. Let's see, at that rate it would sell for about $677,000 in another nine months. Don't expect that to happen. Simple relax and live there simply, instead.

· 8512 1st Ave NE [Estately]