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Pioneer Square’s Metropole Building becoming boutique hotel

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The 36-room hotel will include “micro private rooms” and a restaurant

Built around 1892 or 1893, Pioneer Square’s Metropole Building has survived the Great Seattle Fire as well as it’s own fire in 2007. So there’s a real possibility that it’s invincible and a superhero structure. That would mean the many years it lay vacant and boarded up were merely a disguise.

The structure is about to get a whole lot more visible as Seneca Ventures, who bought the 21,500-square-foot building last year for $4 million, told that they plan to turn it into a boutique hotel.

BuildingWork owner and principal Matt Aalfs said the hotel would have 36 guest rooms. About half of them would be “micro private rooms” for single or budget travelers. The micro rooms would be 120 square feet but have their own bathroom. Standard rooms would be about 220 square feet.

The plans also call for a restaurant and two retail spaces. An adjoining two-story structure will offer guests a rooftop terrace to relax on.

BuildingWork of Seattle is the architect on the project and they are currently readying building permits. They’re also seeking approval from the Pioneer Square Preservation Board, which has some newfound power when it come to neighborhood development. The project is also seeking approval from the National Park Service for federal historic preservation tax credits.