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Tiny Edmonds house on big lot asking $300K

They're popular, tiny houses on large lots, but you don't always have to go into the mountains or deserts to find one

A tiny house on a large lot doesn't mean moving to the country, as long as 0.29 acres in suburbia suffices - and you have the $299,950 for the asking price.

At some point, tiny houses have to give up something. This tiny sits at 432 square feet, definitely tiny; but large enough to avoid most of the compromises. It has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, both are conventional. The bathroom even has some nice styling in the shower's tile work and the bath fixtures. A laundry fits by only taking the same space as a closet. The kitchen has full size appliances and enough workspace that two cooks can cook, as long as one doesn't mind standing in the living room to use the kitchen counter. A well-done paint job, finished floors, and lighting arrangement make it visually appealing, too.

Outside, most of the 0.29 acres are available for playing, gardening, and entertaining (also letting the dogs out) because the house takes so little land. The yard is fully fenced and already has fruit trees, which should be ripening about now. The house is also near Meadowdale Park, which means beach access within a short walk.

The greatest curb appeal is from the simple, classic, and sweet paint job. The big red door is hard to miss, and is framed by white trim that also wraps around grey siding. Of course, maybe they were able to do such a good job inside and out because there was so much less house to primp and polish.

· 5806 156th St SW [Zillow]