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On Craigslist, Seattle doesn't get you much for your money

The reality of renting in Seattle is even tougher than the national studies suggest. Congratulations to Lynnwood, though

Having trouble paying your rent? You're not alone, and you know that.

"nearly half of Americans polled in a recent Harvard survey said they either personally struggled to pay their rent in the past 12 months..." - Next City

But, we live in Seattle, and Seattle is always a little different - in so many ways.

UC Berkeley dove deeper into the situation by scouring 11 million listings on Craigslist. Not a surprise, Seattle was one of the most expensive, or alternatively, provided the least square footage for the money. The national median rent was $1,145, the national median size was 982 square feet, and the median number of bedrooms was 2. Take that national median rent and only get a little over 800 square feet in Seattle.

The data isn't as important as what you can actually find. In one of our recent articles we used a higher rent, $1,500. None of those apartments had more than 700 square feet, and none had 2 bedrooms.

Craiglist data may suggest one set of medians, but another study notches us much higher, a median 2 bedroom rent is $2,380 (more than double the Craigslist study). Even the median rent for a 1 bedroom ($1,810) is higher than the national median for a 2 bedroom.

Instead of including all of Seattle, some neighborhoods are dramatically different. As we reported earlier; "South Lake Union ($3,030), Belltown/Denny Triangle ($3,200) and Downtown ($3,390). Still, Seattle’s got nothing on Bellevue. The Eastside neighbor is seeing one-bedroom median rents at $2,080 and two-bedroom rents at $2,550."

Still want an area with a median rent like the 2 bedroom national average? Try Lynnwood at $1,150 - for a 1 bedroom, and an annual rent increase over 10%.
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