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Guys, please stop leaving your cars on Washington State Ferries

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Seven cars have been left behind by ferry passengers in recent years

We are now approaching our destination. Walk-on passengers please make your way to the front of the vessel. Drivers please return to your vehicles. If you brought a bicycle on board, please remember to take it with you.

That’s the message you usually here when a Washington State Ferry is approaching it’s destination. It always makes us wonder whether or not people actually bike onto the ferry and then forget all about it. How long does it take them to realize that they’re walking when they’re supposed to be biking?

Turns out, not only do a decent number of people forget their bikes on WSF boats, but there are also some people forgetting their cars!

To quote Jerry Seinfeld, “Who ARE these people?”

According to KOMO’s Kara Kastanich, seven cars and 35 bikes have been left aboard ferries. Maybe that’s not a lot but it’s also seven cars and 35 bikes more than it should be.

While the issue is often due to forgetfulness or a false sense of routine, a stranded vehicle also sends up a red alert about the potential for a passenger gone overboard. When a van was left aboard the MV Hyak last week, both the Washington State Patrol and Coast Guar were called in. The cost of that response is somewhere around $10,000 according to one official.

The driver was found safe and sound. He’s just forgotten that he’d driven on and walked right off the ferry.