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Modern marvel in Auburn now down to $2.3 million

They dropped the price $500K. Is that finally enough to find a buyer for a house with a quarter acre under roof?

Happy Anniversary, sad to say. The bad news for the sellers is that this 5 bedroom, 9 bathroom, 10,450 square foot modern mansion is still on the market (we wrote about it in September 2015). The good news for any buyers is that the price has dropped a half a million dollars in that time. What you get hasn't changed. What you pay is now 'only' $2,295,000. Do you think it is worth it?

Cheers to anyone who builds a unique house. They are expressions of creativity, but they also don't fit into niches which means they can be harder to sell.

Start outside with the pool(s). Instead of only having an infinity pool, there's an infinity pool beside a pool and that pool wraps around a hot tub. There's the opportunity to have three temperature settings available for your guests and moods. The architecture is modern, but instead of putting a quarter acre of living space under one roof, they spread it out into a collection of buildings that wrap around the pool.

Inside, the master suite looks like it either has a sauna in the wall or one uncommon closet, and an array of lights big enough to satisfy most Hollywood celebrities. Add a library tall enough to require a ladder, a theater room, a gym, and somewhere down there is a 1,500 bottle wine cellar. Even if they drank four bottles a day while the house sits on the market, they'd still wouldn't have emptied the cellar. Having that much to pull from can make your next party much easier.

If the house isn't big enough, you have options because the property includes 11.9 acres. Some of that is devoted to house, pool(s), and a sports court. There's also a 2 bedroom guest house. With smaller houses on big lots, some buyers will live in the tiny house while they build the big one. Scale that up. There's lots of land. Imagine what you could create while sitting in a modern mansion. A bigger more modern mansion, maybe with a pool within a pool within a pool within a pool. By waiting a year, you're already $500,000 ahead.

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