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Innovative tiny house on wheels rolls on for $65K

They got creative, tricked out their large tiny house, and have to sell before they can move in

Tiny houses on wheels are built from dreams, or necessity. A couple finished a large high-end tiny house just in time for good news that means they have to sell it. Like many tiny houses, its mix of creativity and quality makes it unique; but this one in particular stands out because they had fun designing it. That also means they're asking $65,000. Will they get it?

They paid attention to the cats. That's the level of detail they went to. Cats like to climb and be above things, so they built an innovative ladder for them to get to the loft, and then built a long cat walk across the top of the window so they'd have some place to go. Equal creativity was put into the human ladders. Using a uneven stack of old crates means there isn't a distracting ladder in the space.

A door that looks like it came from an old barn hides the somewhat full bath. There is a claw foot tub, but it's a half size one. At least it looks pretty. Bathroom storage is from an old set of baskets and lockers. There is more reclaiming going on with some of the boards. But, equally noticeable is the use of materials that would be impressive in almost any house: quartz counters, metal roofing, and particularly the decorative glass in the front door and lighting fixtures.

One recurring theme is "new never used", which describes a set of appliances that rarely manage to fit into a tiny house on wheels: washer/dryer, propane range, incinerating toilet, and a dishwasher. It all fits because they built big, 320 square feet; which is small by house standards but large by tiny standards.

As with any tiny, finding a place to put it can be the biggest challenge. This one adds another detail because it is sitting in Cowlitz County, nothing a big enough rig can't handle; but don't expect to haul this one around with your sedan.

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