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Call for submissions: Curbed wants to see your tiny home!

Find out how to have your tiny apartment (or house, or boat, or whathaveyou) featured during Curbed’s upcoming Micro Week

Here at Curbed Seattle, we’ve learned how much our readers like checking out tiny homes and all of the unique, weird, and wonderful aspects of that lifestyle. So it’s exciting to say that next week is Curbed’s second Micro Week. We’ll be celebrating all things tiny in and around Seattle—streets, parks, public spaces, restaurants, and the like—but most importantly, we’ll be looking at the itty-bitty dwellings that Seattleites call home.

So here’s where you come in, dear readers: Do you live in a micro-apartment? Did you build your own tiny home? Do you have a tiny Airbnb rental in your backyard? Have you cleverly configured your small space with a loft bed, or folding furniture? Do you have a horror story about micro-housing? Are you extremely proud of your stylish, tiny digs? We want to hear all about it if so! We’d especially love to see small homes for our House Calls tours.

If you’d like to see your tiny house, micro-apartment, or any other kind of minature dwelling featured on the site, hit up the tipline.