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New apartment complex coming for Stone Way’s Cabinetpak site

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Wallingford and Fremont residents have long known 4201 Stone Way N as the home of Cabinetpak Kitchens. Pretty soon, that spot is going to be packed with a lot of cabinets, but these ones will be inside a four-story apartment complex.

Isola Homes and Caron Architecture take their plans for a mixed-use development on that site before the design review board Monday evening for some early design guidance.

Located on the corner of Stone Way N and N. 42nd Street, the proposed complex will include 51 apartments units, 2,985 square-feet of street level commercial space, and below grade parking for four vehicles. Street frontage will be comprised of ground level commercial space along Stone Way and turn on the corner at 42nd. There will also be a private amenity space on the rooftop deck (of course).

Units will rang in size from 425 to 960 square feet, though it looks like most of them will be in the 450-600 sf. range.

This is the latest in a long line of projects remaking Stone Way from a retail and commercial hub into one of Seattle’s thriving apartment corridors.