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Skip the polish with this weathered $750K Redmond cabin

Want to relax? Buy a relaxed looking house or a casual cabin

It is refreshing to see a log cabin that wears a weathered look. Polished logs probably weren't popular in homesteading days. This log home isn't that old, it was built in 1995, and it lets the wood be wood rather yet another reflective surface. The price for the pioneer feel is $750,000.

From the outside, the cabin looks like it has a long history as well as being well-maintained, a tricky balance for weathered architecture. With 2.27 acres of property naturally landscaped, the house has settled in. Moss and ferns have been allowed to stay. The same is true for many of the trees. Some land has been turned over to a garden and fruit trees; but even the drive is unpaved gravel. Decidedly a rustic feel.

Within the felled timbers is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2,300 square foot, two story timber home that is a bit more refined without being fancy. The country kitchen has painted cabinets and a tile floor. The counters are mix of materials, possibly chosen for practicality. There are tile floors throughout the house, a choice common for heated floors. With wood everywhere, the central staircase can seem like some lumberman's cathedral.

The covered porch and small deck tie the inside to the outside. Sit out there listening to the wind in the trees, or sit beside the small pond. And, be glad for the weathered look. Just think of all the polishing you don't have to do.

· 6720 240th Wy NE, Redmond [Windermere]