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Triangular Encore Apartments squeezing into Belltown

There’s always room for more apartments in Belltown

When Encore Apartments LLC bought the 5,900-square-foot triangular site at 3010 First Avenue last year for $1.9 million, they had some big plans for that tiny space.

The development team, which includes architect d/Arch, landscape architect Fazio, and engineer Sitewise, are bringing their plans for a 40,000 square-foot building before the design review board for a second review.

The skinny six-story structure will include 48 small apartments, mostly consisting of studios, on top of 1,600 square feet of ground floor retail. The basement of the building will include mini-storage lockers while a rooftop deck will be included up top. There is no parking planned or required for the project.

It’s a reminder to anyone who thought developers were running out of room in places like Belltown that there’s still plenty of spots for apartments and mixed-use projects to rise, so long as you’re willing to get creative. And if demand is there, developers will always get creative.

The Felix Building currently on the site, constructed in 1948, will be demolished.