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'Traditional' Magnolia castle lists for $2.3M

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Traditional is a point of view. Crenelations and spires are traditional, right?

It is listed as "traditional", which is correct as long as you include the Dark Ages. A castle on Magnolia has hit the market for $2,295,000 complete with crenelations, stonework, iron gates, and a squat spire that could benefit from a long, trailing flag.

Behind the brick and stucco facade, the house is really a two story with 4 bedrooms and 3.25 bathrooms. The way they played with the 4,310 square feet is worth the look. It was built in 1941 and now has many of the modern features that any multi-million dollar house is expected to include. But the design touches are the things people will talk about. Ornately carved mantels frame the fireplace in the formal living room. Above the formal dining table is a chandelier backed by a mural of clouds. The bathrooms continue to old old world theme with deep colors and an emphasis on stone. A bar plays with the same idea, but includes electronics for more modern entertainment.

The circular entry that sits in the base of the spire, the broken stone patio, and the iron-gated garden are the exterior spaces where romantic notions could be played out, or videoed. Cosplay, anyone? Within the 5,800 square foot lot they've created a series of settings that are much more entertaining than yet another lawn.

For a twist, look up. the triple chimneys twine as they climb. That may not be traditional, but it is fun - which is really what this house is about.

· 3000 42nd Ave W [Estately]