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Tall & tiny $150K Whidbey Island cabin built for the views

Build it tall, tiny, and simple and have a lot less to worry about, including the price

Take a tiny, make it tall. Do that and get even tinier floors but bigger views. That's what they did for this 456 square foot cabin on Whidbey that includes views of the waters of Holmes Harbor and the Olympics that is listed at $150,000.

Simple is good, at least for some. A 1 bedroom, 3/4 bath house is going to be an easy tour. First floor, everything except the bedroom. Second floor, a bedroom plus a closet - and the views.

With only about half of 456 square feet per floor, it is an impressive job of sliding everything into place. The kitchen has a stone tile counter and full-sized appliances. Just your basic white metal, nothing fancy. A washer-dryer combo found a space under the stairs after they carved out a notch beneath one of the treads (and subsequently blocked the coat hooks beside the door.)

Treat the interior as a blank canvas or as a demonstration of minimalism.

Outdoor living is common with tiny houses, which is why the covered porch is so important and appealing. It gets some of the view, too. After sunset, you can still find something to watch by sitting around a campfire in your own firepit (as long as there isn't a burn ban.) While the house is tiny, the lot is 0.37 acres, which provides plenty of options for tending the natural foliage and maybe introducing a few new plants.

Don't forget those homeowner's dues in your budget. They can be a surprise. Got room for an extra $5 in your budget? Looks like tiny houses also have tiny dues.

· 3265 Mardell Dr, Langley [Windermere]