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Belltown’s Third & Battery building stands out for being short

In a neighborhood full of towers, this place checks in at three stories

When you think of new construction in Seattle these days, especially that taking place around Belltown, you think big. You think 30-story towers. You think mixed-use towers.

That’s what makes the building at 2400 Third Avenue, which is finishing up construction, stand out so much. At three stories tall, it’s so surprisingly short.

That’s by design, says developer Martin Selig. He told DJC that he could have gone higher with apartments, but he doesn't develop them (which, uh, isn’t actually true but sure). He also said that because it was an office building, it had to adhere to the zoning laws in the neighborhood that didn’t allow it to go much higher. Selig says the glossy building “shines among all other buildings, like a gem in a haystack.”

He also has to be pleased because the entire 68,429-square-foot structure is fully leased already. Antioch University, Sound Community Bank, and Zymeworks Biopharmaceuticals are all leasing space inside.

The building also includes 63 below-grade parking stalls and a rooftop terrace with adjacent green roof. Not that you’ll be able to see too much from up there given the height.