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Proposed Ballard apartments at El Camión site want HALA rezone

The 74-unit complex would have to set aside some units for low-income residents in order to build taller.

Mexican restaurant El Camión will be moving on when plans for a six-story residential complex are approved at 6416 15th Avenue NW. Those plans will be presented by Clark Design Group on September 19 to the design review board for guidance.

Located directly across from Ballard High School, plans call for 74 residential units and three live/work units. Apartments will range from open 1-BRs and 1-BRs to 2-BRs. 34 below-grade parking spaces will be included as well.

The preferred design provides multiple distinct masses to reduce the overall scale of the building, which is going to have a big effect on the surrounding area. The upper three floors will be setback along the east and south. The ground floor retail section will be setback as well from the property line to keep it pedestrian-friendly. The retail space will be along 15th Avenue NW where they can be seen from passing traffic.

The project is also implementing HALA housing and is therefore applying for a rezone allowance from 40 feet to 65 feet. That means at least four-to-six units in the building must be reserved for residents earning 60 percent or less of the area median income ($37,680 for an individual and $53,760 for a family of four). That is unless they plan on taking the other route, which simply requires a payment that Seattle will use to build affordable housing units elsewhere.