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Rent One Lincoln Tower's penthouse in Bellevue for $20K/month

What can you get in Bellevue for $20K/month? This penthouse...

When we do our Curbed Comparison posts, we tend to stick to the $1,000-$2,000/month range just because that's where most people tend to find what they're looking for. What we haven't done too much of is What Can You Get For $20,000/Month. But if we did, we'd have to include the penthouse at One Lincoln Tower in Bellevue, which just listed as a luxury rental.

So, you might be asking...what does one get for $20,000/month? Well, you get a two-story 4,058 square-foot, two-bedroom unit. You get massive ceilings and big walls of windows that take in the stunning view. The expansive layout really gives you the sense like you're living in a house that just so happens to be 41 stories up.

The master suite is as fancy as you'd expect, with an equally-stunning view, a private patio, a luxurious bathroom, and a giant closet. Guests can stat in their own private suite so it's as if everyone gets their own hotel room within the penthouse each night.

Movie theater? Check. Wine room? Check. And of course because you're living above a Westin Hotel, you also get access to their amenities, including 24 hour concierge, fitness room, and pool.

This actually isn't the first time we've seen this place. It was listed as a $20K/month rental back in March as well. Must've been a short-term stay. The timing also brings to mind that Bellevue luxury real estate is likely going through a bit of a boom. We recently saw a Bellevue Towers penthouse sell for $14M and the collapse of the Vancouver housing market has a lot of people wondering if investors and buyers are going to look southward for their next deal.
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One Lincoln Tower

700 Bellevue Way Northeast, Bellevue, WA