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Mayor Murray does carpool karaoke for electric vehicles in Seattle

An audacious plan to create 30 percent electric-vehicle use in Seattle by 2030 comes with some bad singing.

James Cordon, you can quit doing Carpool Karaoke because we’re done here.

Seattle mayor Ed Murray and city councilmember Mike O’Brien climbed into an electric vehicle and drove around the city as a way to promote the announced goal of supporting 30 percent electric-vehicle use in Seattle by 2030.

And they sang. Briefly. Terribly.

An accompanying press release lays out just how big that 30 percent number is.

“The 30% by 2030 goal is the most ambitious target set by any United States city, intended to address the growing threat of climate change by reducing Seattle’s carbon footprint.”

Murray will include funds in his forthcoming city operating budget proposal to install 20 fast chargers for electric vehicles for public use, spread throughout Seattle, which will make it easier for those who want to transition to electric vehicles. The proposal will also include $2.35 million for 150 new electric vehicle charging stations in the Seattle Municipal Tower as well as for planning and installing additional infrastructure to support Seattle’s electric vehicle fleet.

Seattle already has one of the largest electric vehicle fleets in the country with 80 fully electric vehicles, 17 plug-in hybrids, and over 500 conventional hybrid vehicles.

Let’s make it happen, Seattle, if for no other reason than so we don’t have to hear anyone sing the Beatles like that ever again.