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The ten most interesting parks to visit on PARK(ing) Day

Get out and see some parks

PARK(ing) Day, which is really more a PARK(ing) Weekend this time around, takes place today, Friday, September 16th, and Saturday, September 17th from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. The event features over 50 parks across Seattle’s neighborhoods featuring fun games, chill environments, and “creative street improvement ideas” because we gotta do some learnin’ while we’re here, you know?

While most of the parks will be centralized in neighborhoods such as Pioneer Square, Downtown, Capitol Hill, and Fremont, there are also parks to check out as far north as Lake City and as far south as Westwood/Roxhill. We perused the handy map below and picked out the ten parks we’re most interested in checking out based on the descriptions. Of course, don’t just take our word for it, visit as many as you can and let us know what you find.

Sponsor: Greenwood-Phinney Greenways, Coyle's Bakshop

Location: 8300 Greenwood Ave N

Park: Pop-Up Curb Bulbs & Pop-Up Park. This pop-up includes two mini parklets and curb extensions to make it safer to cross the street.

Sponsor: Schemata Workshop, Scratch Deli

Location: 1718 12th Avenue

Park: Based on the sneak peak they put up on their Facebook page, it looks like you get to hang out long table-style in an environment for meeting new people.

Sponsor: Little Collective/12th Avenue Arts

Location: 1640 12th Avenue

Park: Bees to Salmon: Exploring Urban Rainwater. “The parklet makes the invisible visible in terms of how our cities manage urban rainwater, exploring opportunities to create healthy upstream pollinator habitat while protecting downstream salmon habitat.”

Sponsor: The West Studio

Location: 847 Hiawatha Place S

Park: Les Triplettes de Belleville: Parisian Parklet. Gonna be honest, not entirely sure what it’s about but that description has to be one of the “gotta see this” ones of the day.

Sponsor: Cascade Bicycle Club

Location: E Pine St between Broadway & 10th Avenue

Park: Cascade Bicycle Club, Commute Seattle. It’s a pretty big weekend for Cascade. They just helped open the Westlake Bikeway and now Park(ing) Day coincides with their unveiling party for the Cascade Bicycling Center. Grab some giveaways and nominate your favorite Bike Friendly Business.

Sponsor: The Sugarplum Elves

Location: 500 E Pike Street

Park: Rabbert's Tea Party in Wonderville. We’re not entirely sure what it entails but it sounds awesome.

Sponsor: Friends of Historic Belltown

Location: 2222 2nd Avenue

Park: Belltown Art Park. 1. Show up. 2. Decide if you want to paint or draw or however you want to create art. 3. Create art.

Sponsor: Caroline Sayre

Location: 4134 1st Avenue NW

Park: Prince Tribute Pop-Up Park. Put on some purple and bring your dancing shoes.

Sponsor: MG2

Location: 1113 1st Avenue

Park: MG2 Paint Park. Unwind and explore your artistry through multiple mediums, including pen, pencil, pastel, crayon, watercolor and acrylic.

Sponsor: Alliance for Pioneer Square

Location: 83 Yesler Way

Park: Map The Square. A fun exercise for the public to weigh in on what you would like to see added, changed, or removed from our streets and sidewalks. They actually have four parklets as part of PARK(ing) Day for the final day of mapping.