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Tiny house built for crafty people asking $325K

Build your house around your arts and create something unique.


You can get a lot done in a tiny house, or at least around it. This tiny house (670 square feet) on a tiny lot (2,800 square feet) looks like it was built by artsy folk, a bungalow that's become a home for crafts people. Maybe it's a new style of home based on function instead of form. The price for a tiny house that works, $325,000.

Most homes distinguish themselves with fancy materials or bold architectural statements. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom house from 1918 has become more about what the house is for, rather than how it looks. Granted, it looks fine; but, it's the rest of the rooms that make it stand out.

Start with an indoor artist studio, handy for a painter now, and easily shifted to some other art. Downstairs is a workbench big enough as a place to start building another house, or working with wood sculptures instead of 2x4s. Even though the rest of the property is smaller than some houses, they've managed to install a garden center with raised beds, containers, and a potting bench that keeps the dirt outside. Someone had a fun idea for laying patio bricks into a pattern centered on a barbecue pit. Artistic bricks supporting the culinary arts.

The bricks, the patio, the deck, all attempt to maximize the use of the space - including finding places for people to relax. They may have even fit a tub out there.

Inside, the rest of the house is fine, nicely decorated and maintained, and functional, too. It wouldn't be a surprise though, that in a house like this, most of the living is happening outside the living room, the kitchen is a destination for hungry souls, and the bathroom gets a regular work out and scrub down. As for a view of the house, that may take a tour.

· 3000 Fauntleroy Ave SW [Zillow]