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Welcome to Micro Week, which starts right now

It’s time to celebrate the little things

Whether you guys know it or not, Curbed Seattle readers love tiny homes. Our tiny homes listings are always among the most-read across the site. So while Curbed celebrates all things small this week, it’s kinda just what we already do around here. It’s Micro Week across the Curbed universe, and we’re showing you the little things in this big city.

It’s not just about homes, however. This week is all about exploring all the micro things that have such a macro effect on our lives. Tiny homes and apartments, sure. But also tiny parks, tiny offices, tiny public spaces, tiny neighborhoods, tiny towns, and tiny anything else we can find along the way. So without further ado, let’s get this tiny show on the tiny road.

Have an idea? We’re always listening on the tip line.