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Sound Transit welcomes buskers to UW & Capitol Hill light rail stations

The move is part of a six-month pilot program for public performance 

Buskers and subway stations are two things that seem to just go together. So, Sound Transit is giving the combination a shot with the launch of a six-month pilot program for public performance at the University of Washington and Capitol Hill Link light rail stations.

Sound Transit believes that allowing buskers to perform at the University of Washington and Capitol Hill light rail stations will help retain existing users, as well as attract new users, and is consistent with promoting transit-related activities. Accordingly, Sound Transit is adopting this pilot program for a 6 month period to assess the feasibility of adopting a permanent policy regarding performances by buskers.

Per the policy, performers are only allowed in the two aforementioned stations and only in spots designated with a silver star. In the Capitol Hill station, those spots are the south mezzanine and the north entrance at street level. In the UW station, that’s the north mezzanine and in the street-level plaza.

Buskers will be allowed to play for up to two hours with no more than three people performing together at one time and everyone must be 18 years old.

Performing is prohibited at the UW station on days when there are special events such as UW football games or graduation ceremonies, which seems like a shame since those are likely to be among the most-trafficked days.

Regardless, it’s still another step towards Seattle seeming like a grown-up city and that’s a good thing.


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