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Waterfront sanctuary on Camano Island asks $1.2M

Simple can be sweet, especially when it comes with views of Mt. Rainier from waterfront on Camano.

Minimalism doesn't have to mean tiny. A 2,527 square foot custom home sits on Camano with few distractions. Keep it simple and simply enjoy views of Mt. Rainier and the Sound from five acres of high-bank waterfront. Simplicity does have a price, though, $1,200,000.

The partition that leads to the master bedroom is a good example of the type of minimalism at work. Instead of a door, wall panels slide aside, almost as if they were like the shoji screens at the far end of the room. The space is that much more open because of the choice. The construction is more current with beam brackets, sheetrock, and a modern kitchen; but the modernity fits the classic style instead of the other way around. It is a long, linear house that fits three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. One room contains three luxuries: a hot tub, sauna, and free-standing shower with wood, tile, and views. Simple, and nice.

The views are thanks to 283 feet of waterfront. It is high-bank, so there are no waves crashing against the deck, and getting to the beach can take a few minutes. Trees filter the view, though maybe they didn't when the house was built in 1990. Things grow around here. Keep them as is for a natural feel. Check to see if they're stabilizing the soil before considering thinning. Around the rest of the property is a mix of native and imported foliage. There are enough similarities with parts of Asia and the Pacific that inspired the minimalism that Puget Sound trees fit, but some customization adds conversation pieces to the courtyard garden.

If you want to comfortably leave your distractions behind you, this may be the place - as long as you don't mind a 1.25 hour drive to Seattle (traffic permitting.)

· 1358 Seth Dr, Camano Island [Estately]