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West Seattle cottage includes Seahawks-themed backyard

Seahawks fans wear their colors. Why not live in them, too? A tiny house makes that much easier

You like blue and green, right? These sellers certainly do. A tiny house in Fauntleroy is already prepped for Seahawks fans. They did more than just hang out a 12 flag. Got $398,000 and you may get to walk into a football themed house.


They did more with 720 square feet than most people do with much larger houses; but that may be the point. A few decorations cover a larger portion of a small house. Paint a few doors and shutters blue, add some team drapes and bedding, and make it look like the house lives for football. Actually, a fair amount of it is a typical 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage on a 4,181 square foot lot. It was built in 1948, and has been updated, but not radically.

The fun part for football fans is usually in front of a big screen (unless they're at the stadium), but these folks took it outside where they didn't just paint one deck the appropriate colors. They built a second deck that is unattached with blue railings and a long green bench. Maybe the first string fans get to stay inside and the second and third strings wait for a slot by sitting outside on the bench. Install a big screen outside and create a stadium for your neighbors.

Want some dramatic tension? Leave one deck in Seahawks colors and paint the other one for the opponents. Draw some white lines between the two and re-enact your own instant replays.

· 3621 SW Donovan St [Zillow]