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Tiny cabin on five acres provides options for $85K

Luxury can mean living debt-free in a tiny house on a big lot

A glance at a few of this cabin's photos may make you think of something bigger than its 144 square feet. The warm wood and level of finish is enough to draw many in.


But, why is it listed at $84,900? That probably has less to do with the tiny space inside and a lot to do with the great space outside.

Five acres of forested land with a tiny house on it means almost five acres of forested land. The house could get lost in all those trees, and that may be the point. The cabin sits in a bend of the Skagit River on the opposite shore from highway 20. Peace, quiet, solitude, and a lot fewer interruptions from modern life's hassles can be worth a lot.

The cabin was built in 2007 with one bedroom, probably in the loft, and enough room downstairs, er, down ladder, for another sofa bed or two. If that's not enough room, park an RV outside; which could be bigger than the cabin. For minimalists, the cabin probably has more than enough - but you may have to take a tour to be sure. It is listed as 1 bedroom; but there's no mention of a bathroom. There's electricity, so the kitchen could be more than a small refrigerator; but there aren't any photos of stoves or ovens.

As a retreat, it can work. As a home for someone living simply, it is probably fine. As a place to stay while building something bigger, well, that works, too. With five acres to play with there are lots of options for less than some house's down payments. Living debt-free on your own estate may be the best luxury this cabin provides. Check for that septic, though. Maybe that little building isn't a storage unit but is an outhouse. That's worth knowing.

· 59158 Marblegate Rd, Marblemount [Estately]