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Explore Lakeview Place, the smallest park in Seattle

It won't take you very long

We wouldn't blame you if you drove or even walked right past Lakeview Place and missed it. Plenty of people traveling along Lakeview Boulevard E have done it. Unless you're looking for it, you might just assume it's no different from any other part of the hillside hugging the road.

Yet, this 185-square-foot space at the bottom of Capitol Hill stands out because of how little it stands out. The 0.004-acre area is the smallest official park in the entire city of Seattle. It is so by the slimmest of margins, beating out Boylston Place by a mere 0.001 acre.

Truth be told, there isn't that much to the place. The standout feature is the ivy-coveted trees. Other than that, it is basically a green hillside to be admired from the sidewalk. There aren't any paths through it and there's no space to frolic or even sit down amongst it. The assumed view of Lake Union isn't even all that spectacular either, if you can make it out at all beyond the trees across the road.

Lakeview Place simply is and you're just going to have to appreciate it for it's existence. Just don't bother the neighbor's landscaping.

We weren't able to find out much more about the park, especially in terms of why it's even a park to begin with, but maybe that's for the best. It's a question mark nestled away in a city that's increasingly losing it's question marks. Many of our oddities are getting overrun by onlookers or newbie tech workers. Or even worse, becoming kitschy hotspots for tourists to gawk at. Lakeview Place isn't going to get like that. It's just there.

For some reason.

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Lakeview Place

1042 Lakeview Blvd. E, Seattle, WA 98102 (206) 684-4075 Visit Website