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Gas explosion site owner wants to rebuild ‘the living room of Greenwood’

He has plans for a 91,400 square foot, mixed-use building

It’s been six months since a natural gas explosion leveled two buildings and damaged three dozen surrounding businesses in the vicinity of 85th Street and Greenwood Avenue in Greenwood. Now the owner of the site is talking about his plans to rebuild it.

PhinneyWood was at Tuesday’s Greenwood Community Council meeting where Mike Slattery of Slattery Properties talked about his plans for the site that was once home to Mr. Gyros, Neptune Coffee and Greenwood Quick Stop.

“We’re looking to do something that blends with the neighborhood, that will be a first-class project,” he said. “We’re hoping to make that retail presence the living room of Greenwood.”

According to a permit filed with the city, Slattery Properties has plans for a 91,400 square foot building with 75 apartments, ground floor retail, and 70 parking spaces at 8403 Greenwood Ave N.

One of the big things Slattery has been waiting on is the recent Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission report, which blamed Puget Sound Energy for not properly decommissioning the gas line attached to Mr. Gyros that was damaged by "unauthorized individuals" and eventually caused the explosion. While PSE has said they will fight the recommended $3.2M penalty.

Assuming the insurance money does start flowing in, Slattery will have the funds he needs to get his project on track. He told the council that the new complex will offer retail space to all six businesses that were destroyed or displaced and that any new business that moves in will be small or local. He also wants to invest in solar panels for energy rather than working with PSE to refit the place.