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Take a tour of the Real World Seattle house in Capitol Hill

There’s one door inside the entire house

We learned in May that The Real World, which is still a thing that exists, was going to return to Seattle for an upcoming season. Unlike the previous version, this cast would live in the Ballou Wright building at 1517 12th Avenue in Capitol Hill. The new cast arrived a couple months back and caused some concern amongst Capitol Hill businesses that were asked to sign waivers in order to allow for filming in their establishments.

But now we’re coming up on the premiere of this season (October 12, 2016) and MTV has begun promoting the cast and their house. They’ve now posted a Cribs-style video that gives us a tour of their abode. Let’s be honest, the Real World house is often the most interesting aspect of the entire show (perhaps the only interesting aspect at this point). So let’s take a look around because sooner or later it’s probably going to hit the market.

Let’s break things down, shall we? (Apologies for some grainy shots, we’re working with Twitter video, here)

First up, the lounge at the front of the house. There’s a typewriter on the table because of course there is.

The “Harry Potter Lounge” under the stairs.

The bathroom, which doesn’t appear to have doors and is right next to the staircase, which seems to make it more of a bath-hallway.

What looks like the main living room. It’s a little hard to make out but there’s a plant-laden wall design going on in the back there. Perhaps that’s driving home the Pacific Northwest natural feel. Or perhaps we’re just reading into it.

If it wasn’t already clear, this place is taking open living space to the extreme. The kitchen might as well be a kitchen wall with an island in there to give it the semblance of a separate space.

There’s a pool table. Obviously.

The “office” of the house.

Just one of the bedrooms where the magic allegedly happens.

Another bedroom, where we can assume the magic happens.

The upstairs bedroom, where once again we imagine the magic happens.

The “confessional room,” which is described as the only room in the house with a door...

...that door being a bookcase.