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Steel & cedar floating home lists in Westlake for $2.25M

This floating home provides big views and some innovative style.

Tiny houses have ladders that lead up to lofts. Floating homes have ladders that lead down into the water. Whether that's for your morning swim (watch out for traffic) or to help someone that dropped something, like themself, it is a handy feature. This $2,250,000 (plus $500/month) floating home in Westlake (Seattle's tiniest neighborhood) will make more of an impression with its style.

They list it as a NW Contemporary, which the eventually weathered cedar will reinforce. The other exterior material is aged steel, which was either aged somewhere else or has only just begun to age because the house was built just a few years ago in 2010. It is distinctive and a contrast to its baby blue Craftsman neighbors. But hey, these are floating homes. Who knows what will float in and out of the neighborhood?

Inside, the artistry is more modern with open spaces, and an emphasis on walls of windows. If you're going to live on the lake, why hide the view? The house has 2 bedrooms and 1.75 bathrooms. With 1,656 square feet to work with there's room for an office for two, expansive rooms, and an art space in the entry.

Balconies, patios, and the roof top deck encourage living outside - up top when the weather is best, or there are fireworks or airshows; in the covered spaces when grilling or sitting outside but out of the rain. There's moorage as well, in case you have a boat or a board and want to play on the water. From the roof the views stretch across to Gas Works. From the lower deck and farther back towards land the view includes the neighboring boat dock. That can be entertaining, too; but it is probably also a good reason to draw the shades, occasionally.

· 2420 Westlake Ave N Unit 12 [Estately]