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Behold, the five tiniest condos for sale in Bellevue

If it is tiny and it's in Bellevue, then you're probably talking about a condo

As Micro Week winds down, we want to make sure we don't leave any tiny rocks unturned.


So while we've spent a lot of time scouring Seattle's listings for small dwellings, we figured we should take a moment to see what's going on across Lake Washington. We know that when you think of Bellevue you probably think of big houses and expensive penthouses but we managed to find five small condos mixed in there as well. There isn't too much in the way of micro-living on the Eastside but there's still a bunch of units in the 500/600 square-foot range worth checking out. See for yourself...

When this condo was built in 1966, Bellevue was that quiet suburb across the Lake from Seattle. Now, the 539 square foot unit has watched the city build up around it. The 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom space may not be very big, but with lots of patience it is now in the middle of a lot of activity - or at least is close enough to Belle Square that you may be better off walking than driving to the store. They're asking $348,000 for the convenience (with an additional $227 per month in dues.) Imagine what the city will be like in another fifty years.

Much newer, this condo was built in 2000, just about when a bubble was bursting. It sounds a little smaller because it is a studio with 1 bathroom, but the square footage is about the same, 541 square feet. Lose a wall or two, and maybe get a bit more usable space. The corner kitchen has a granite counter, and some floor accents. The biggest increase may be in the garage where you can get two spaces instead of just one. The price for the package is $320,000 (plus $234 per month).

Move away from the downtown core and watch the price drop as the floor size rises. For $218,000 (plus $311 per month), you can get a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, condo with 610 square feet. It was built in 1969, but has been remodeled, naturally. If you want some natural nature, there's a park nearby. For someone, that'll be more luxurious than being close to the mall.

Next in line is a condo that proves that value of location. It is bigger, 650 square feet; but is still a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit. Maybe because it is in downtown that the price jumps back up to $474,990 (and the monthly dues climb back to $399.) Being close in means the view is of the city; watch it grow because Bellevue doesn't seem to be stopping. The 2008 space has granite counters and stainless steel appliances, and possibly a very short commute if you work in the neighborhood.

Jump back across 405 and repeat the drop in price and rise in space. It is another 1969 era place; this time with 670 square feet for the 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The price, $248,000, is the second cheapest in this group. You may have to walk or drive a bit farther, but saving a couple of hundred thousand dollars can buy a lot of bus rides.

· 952 100th Ave NE APT 234 [Zillow]

· 111 108th Ave NE UNIT A208 [Zillow]

· 14006 SE 6th St APT 14 [Zillow]

· 10610 NE 9th Pl UNIT 1203 [Zillow]

· 512 141st Ave SE APT 55 [Zillow]