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Friday Open Thread: What’s the tiniest place you've ever lived?

Have you lived in a micro apartment or tiny home? Tell us about it

Tiny houses. Micro apartments. Efficiency units. Converted boats. Here in Seattle we've got a lot of names for what all amounts to living in a very cramped quarters.


The city is full of options for those who choose to live in tiny homes. Studio apartments on the basement level. Floating homes that can fit a person and mot much else. Backyard cottages and tiny homes on wheels that fit wherever they can.

As Micro Week ends, we open the floor up to you guys. Rather than us tell you what tiny homes are out there, how bout you tell us what kind of tiny living arrangements you've had here. Have you lived in a micro apartment? We're all wondering what that's like. Have you lived in a 150 square-foot studio with a bed that's also your breakfast table? Show us the pics. Build a tiny home from scratch? Share some tips for those looking to do the same.

Tiny talk it out in the comments below!