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Take a sneak peek at Sound Transit’s new light rail vehicles

Sound Transit's next batch of light rail vehicles begin arriving in 2019 to be ready for Northgate Link's opening in 2021

When the Northgate Link station opens in 2021, Sound Transit is going to have a brand new batch of light rail trains at their disposal. In July, they placed an order for 122 new Link vehicles (with an option for 30 more), increasing the total fleet from 62 cars to 184. It also will allow four-car trains for all runs along the Link routes.

The vehicles won't be ready until 2019 when they'll begin final testing in Seattle but for now Sound Transit offered up a sneak peek at what they'll look like.

The S70 Siemens light rail vehicles are actually already in use in places such as San Diego, Portland, Minneapolis, and Charlotte. Compared to current Link vehicles, they offer higher capacity, more open floor plans, double bike capacity, and both wider walkways and better seating in center sections.

Of course, what's pictured is merely renderings and the final designs will be slightly different based on input along the way (though we're fine with the green and blue color schemes).
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