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As seen on TV, tiny house on wheels lists for $70K

A tiny house on wheels that's been a star

As seen on TV! That sounds like a late night infomercial pitch, but tiny houses are popular enough to have their own shows. The star of one is up for sale in Issaquah. Buy a bit of celebrity to live in for $70,000.

Put celebrity aside because it probably won't change how you live in it. The real value comes from the house itself. As tiny houses on wheels go, this one is a bit bigger than most, 300 square feet. The extra room provides an extra room, a second bedroom. One bedroom holds a queen size bed, the other holds a full size bed. Each is in a loft, which provides some privacy, and leaves more floor space for living. The extra size comes with an extra door, a bonus most tinies skip.

Light white wood keeps the inside brighter, and keeps the style casual and relaxed. A pair of skylights let in more might (and hopefully don't leak.) They call it modern, which does describe the appliances and fixtures, but the purposely slightly weathered interior and the country style door are more reminiscent of a rural setting.

For tinies, the greatest luxury may be the location. It sits on a lot that they're renting from the landowner. That deal may be available to the buyers, too. A tiny house on wheels that doesn't have to use them in a nomadic search for a home is rare, and valuable. Whether the package is worth $70,000 is up to you.

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