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$1.15M Portage Bay home doesn't float but it's close

Yes, it is possible to live over the water without living in a houseboat

Life on the water in Seattle. It's one of the city's iconic lifestyles, and the only one where you might sink. A house beside and partly over Portage Bay provides the access to the water and the solidity of a foundation by reaching out from the shore. Pilings replace floats and let the ducks swim under the house. Make an offer for the $1,150,000 (plus $375 per month) house and wake up to quacking coming from below.

The concept is simple enough to describe, but takes a lot of work to execute. A house that sits on a foundation and pilings provides a mix of opportunities, and probably some contractor and architect headaches - which they evidently resolved. The 3 bedroom, 1.75 bathroom house was built in 1988. The view of University Bridge probably hasn't changed. The floating neighbors have probably upgraded sometime in there. But, the house's contemporary style has survived well.

The 2,514 square foot space sits on a 13,925 square foot lot that includes gardens and natural foliage. The extension has a different sort of garden, lily pads and probably submerged aquatics, maybe even a few fish. There is moorage, so you can get out there and play. Check depth and length restrictions. A big enough boat could act as an additional guest room; but the house has plenty of space plus a second kitchen, so you may not need that unless you get lots of guests.

From the street, pragmatic bonuses are readily apparent: a garage, a driveway, and maybe even a parking strip. Living over the water without having to carry groceries down a dock can be a luxury.

· 3254 Portage Bay Place E [Estately]