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Eagle Point cabin on San Juan Island still available at $1.6M

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Two years later this sustainably-built, award-winning gem remains available

Back in August 2014 we noted that Eagle Point, the tiny cabin on San Juan Island designed by PBW Architects, was on the market for $1.65M. We said at the time that "this tiny gem probably won't last too long on the open market." Shows what we know because we just noticed that the award-winning residence is not only still on the market but has been this whole time.

After listing at $1.65M, they decided to jack up the price to $1.85M a month later. Whatever they thought would happen didn't happen and they've slowly been siphoning dollars off the asking price $25K or $50K at a time since. Earlier this month they finally came down to $1.6M, the lowest it's been listed so far.

Winner of an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects, this unobtrusive cabin is practically a part of the landscape by design. Built to be self-sustaining, solar panels, eight-inch walls with formaldehyde-free insulation, and a living roof keep the interior climate consistent and cut down on the need to use heaters or even turn on the wood stove. Other sustainable considerations include recycled flooring & ceilings, on-demand hot-water heating, an triple-glazed windows. The cedar siding will age naturally, which gives it that natural look to blend into the surrounding land.

This time we won't make any bold proclamations about when it will sell, but we remain surprised to still see Eagle Point available.
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