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Somehow, Seattle doesn’t have the most coffee shops per capita

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That’s a bit of an upset if you ask us

Everybody knows Seattle loves it’s coffee. We just assumed we love it more than everyone else. Turns out, according to Redfin, there’s one city that loves their caffeinated beverage just a little more.

To identify these coffee capitals, we looked at the 100 largest cities that Walk Score and Redfin serve and found the top 10 with the most coffee shops per capita. We then stirred through the data to see how many of these coffee shops in each city are indie cafes versus large chains. (We defined large coffee chains as those with 30 or more retail locations.) We then tracked down the ZIP code with the most coffee shops per capita in each city and calculated their median home price. Just for fun, we calculated how many lattes it would take to buy a home in that ZIP (using $4 as the average latte price).

Seattle finished No. 2 overall with a final tally of 843 coffee shops per capita (670 indie; 173 chain). The one city that’s got us beat on coffee beans? San Francisco, with 1,062 coffee shops per capita (910 indie; 152 chain).

Let the shame of how they beat us on indie shops and we beat them on chain shops sink in and let it shame you. Suppose it does make sense, however, given the whole “Starbucks is from here” thing.

Redfin also notes that 98101 is the densest Seattle region when it comes to coffee shops per capita. That’s basically Downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market, and a sliver of Capitol Hill. So, that makes a lot of sense.

Rounding out the top five were Portland, OR, Oakland, CA, and Pittsburgh, PA.