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Blakely Hill Farm & it's 1892 Victorian home ask $1.5M

Live the Victorian lifestyle, or at least enjoy a historic country estate that's big enough for harvest and horses

Imagine building this 3,524 square foot Victorian farm house back in 1892-ish. The house is so historic the exact build date may be lost to history. Here in 2016, it and the 3.26 acres around it are on the market at $1,499,000. Can you dress to match?

The house on Blakely Hill Farm is an impressive three-story country estate. Peaked roofs, dormers, and a circular tower are part of the Victorian style. Elegance begins outside with the balconies, veranda, and patio that look like they should be populated with people holding glasses of wine. Go inside and the rooms are country formal: beamed ceilings, old-style fixtures, and wallpapered rooms.

Country kitchens need space, lots of it; especially, this time of year. Harvest the fruit trees that ring the place and find that you want plenty of room for canning, drying, and cooking the crop. A large island provides some of the space. Double doors provide easy access to bring harvests in, and then deliver food to the patio. If that isn't big enough, there's a grill on the patio to take some of the load. For more refined moments, there are formal spaces, reading niches, and a game room. There's room left over for three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

Fruit is nice, but it isn't the only thing on the acreage. Livestock gets the requisite pasture, barn, and sheds. Ask your horse if it wants a new place to play.

With that much room, there's also a studio and a 3 car garage.

Despite being over a hundred years old, some things look new. A curved trellis sweeps by the patio, but it lacks vines. Of course, maybe it isn't there to grow plants, but is there to dry them.

Buy the place and get to decide how you want to use it. And, see if you can find the right wardrobe to complete the picture.

· 4407 Blakely Ave NE, Bainbridge Island [Estately]