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Check out what Sea-Tac’s new international arrival hub will look like

The 450,000-square-foot addition includes a 900-foot aerial walkway

Thursday, Port of Seattle showed off some new design images that showcase the $660 million International Arrivals Facility they’ve been working on at Sea-Tac International Airport. The new facility is scheduled to break ground next year and open by Late 2019.

The facility is a 450,000-square-foot addition that wraps around the current Concourse A. A 900-foot aerial walkway that’s 85-feet above the ground will connect arriving passengers at the south satellite section to the main concourse. The addition increases the number of gates serving international flights from 12 to 20, increases the number of check-in booths & kiosks from 30 to 80, and increases the number of baggage carousels from four to seven.

Sea-Tac currently peaks at over 2,000 international passenger arrivals per hour. The current facility is equipped to handle 1,200 per hour while the new facility will increase that to 2,600 passengers per hour.

Port of Seattle Commissioners will vote in October to approve an acceleration of the construction in order to meet their deadlines.